Sereal The megamix

Sereal The megamix

Sereal: The Mega Mix by Harri Kakoulli: at Juno Download and all other major digital platforms out today!!!!
This is the Harri Kakoulli continuous mix of the fourteen track album “Serearl”, over one hour long. No instruments are used, on this album. Instead Harri simulates all instruments, drums & percussion using only his vocals. All lead & backing vocals also performed by Harri kakoulli.
The original track listing is as follows, Hope you enjoy

Serearl by Harri Kakoulli

1 The Passion Tears
2 Are You Afraid Of the Dark?
3 Feet of Clay
4 The Passion Tears: Twin Torches Mix
5 I am Looking For Someone Ugly to Love
6 Feet of Clay: The Silent Rage Mix
7 The Blue Walls
8 Pitter Patter
9 Feet of Clay: Emerged at Creation Mix
10 How Can You Do This To Me
11 When I shut My Eyes
12 If You Go
13 No One Wants To
14 Goddess of Forbidden


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