This is a track called “Tsiattista Cyp Riot” and is the single taken from the Harri Kakoulli eight track album called Tsiattista
The single is now available for worldwide release on and the album shortly after.

This is the Cypriot rhyming poetry in the traditional heavily accented Cypriot Greek dialect known as “Tsiattista”,
CYPRUS’ ”Tsiattista”, a form of poetic duelling that is part of the Cypriot Cultural Heritage

The ”Tsiattista” are a living piece of Cyprus’ folkloric poetic creation and are characterised by improvisation in the Cypriot dialect and the competition that develops between the signers, who rhyme verse and are accompanied by the violin, lute or Cypriot flute

Harri Kakoulli has managed to take this traditional Cypriot rhyming poetry, compose & fuse various styles of music that complement each other but at the same time managed to keep the natural rhythm and authenticity of the Cypriot “Tsiattista”, to form an almost new kind of Genre. Harri has decided to keep the original name ”Tsiattista” Hope you enjoyImage


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