Musician, Percussionist, Writer, Arranger, Composer, Producer & Mixer, World Music, DJ, Mult iinstrumentalist, Re-mixing, Film, TV and Documentary Music

Harri Kakoulli is a World Music pioneer. He’s been involved in writing, producing & mixing world music since the mid eighties. He’s worked as an artist writing & producing his own work, building a formidable reputation as one of the world’s leading producers of world music and gathering great reviews over the years.

As a pioneer in World Music, Harri produced, created & mixed the first two groundbreaking world music compilation albums ‘Fuse 1’ and ‘Fuse 2’, starting a whole new trend in world music and coining the term “world music” for the genre.

He’s recorded collaborations with many musicians and top world music artists – produced, mixed & recorded tracks, and worked with artists such as Maxi Priest, Jocelyn Brown, King Sunny Ade, Natacha Atlas, Malcolm Mclaren, Talvin Singh, Jah Wobble, Aki Nawaz (Fundamental), Joana Lewie, Ukrainians, Joi, The Wedding Present, Oliver Cheatham, Andy Weatharal, Tall Paul, Youth, Imagination, The Only Ones, Squeeze, The late Smiley Culture, Carl Douglas, Sandra Cross, Eric Donaldson, Asher Senator, The late Freddie Makey, The Late Merchent, Stavros Siolas and many others.

As the bassist for the 80s band Squeeze Harri Kakoulli has been around the block more than a few times. He’s worked with world music artists like King Sunny Ade and trip hopper Talvin Singh so it’s not beyond his reach to do a bhangra infused electronica album. It features a couple introspective tracks with sacred chanting in addition to the more energetic bhangra club tunes (favourites were “Love Exotico” and “Kuzima”). This EP is another definite winner and well worth $3.95

Listen to this EP, and you would never guess that Harri Kakoulli got his start as the bass player for Squeeze. Instead, you might guess that he was a roadie for African Head Charge on their Finnish tour, or that he’d spent his early years sitting in with the Bombay Dub Orchestra. Bliss like Gold is a rich and emotionally complex listening experience. It brings together a broad spectrum of musical traditions — sacred choral music, keening solo plain chants, Middle Eastern percussion, African rhythms, house, electronica — and blends them into something that sounds both ancient and completely new. The title track takes relentless (but not overaggressive) percussion of the type one might hear on a Muslimgauze album, and pairs it with the kind of modal vocals one might hear from Dead Can Dance. “Evil Touch” fuses polyphonic choral singing with quiet Eastern percussion to absolutely gorgeous effect; “Kuzima” brings a house beat into the mix, then suddenly switches to a one-drop reggae groove. Throughout the program, there’s something just slightly creepy tugging at the underside of this beautiful music, and the effect is really quite stunning. Very highly recommended.
Rick Anderson, All Music Guide.

Harri Kakoulli has brought back something from the darkness for the benefit and joy of all. His inspiration is tangible throughout this five track exclusive EP. It’s nice when they strike a chord a little deeper than kittens and blunts.
By Filmore Mescalito Holmes PopMaters

This boy is well travelled; from playing bass with Squeeze to working with King Sunny Ade and Natasha Atlas. A touching and affecting work, this is sure to ping a reaction from anyone who has felt something deeply and needs a focus to release those feelings.
CHRIS SPECTOR, Midwest Record.

This guy has been everywhere, with everyone, from Africa to Ministry of Sound!
He started the Ethnic World Dance scene some twenty years ago, a touch ahead of schedule. Pioneer or what?”
Tony Dynamou

“Harri Kakoulli is simply a unique talent imaginative, creative and always a joy to work with. Ron Brand” January 27, 2010

Ron Brand, Owner, ron brand management ltd
managed harri at Harri kakoulli Productions

“Harri is a highly skilled and exceptional musician with an amazing variety of styles. I always get inspired by listening to his music and his mixes. I wish that many more people are going to like it.” December 25, 2009

Martin Wacker, Advertising-, Broadcast-, Media-Professional, several companies
was with another company when working with harri at Harri kakoulli Productions

“I produced a ton of material in North Africa for the Travel Channel and Harri Kakoulli’s music was really the key ingredient to take my viewers back there with me! GREAT stuff!” December 22, 200

Shane Reynolds,
hired harri as a Writer/Editor in 2008, and hired harri more than once

Harri Kakoulli’s Solo Albums:

Even When I’m Not (Album) – Oval Music

Fuse 1 – Nation Records

Fuse 2 – Nation Records

Yab Yum – Nation Records

Ella gonda mu – Nation Records

Che Ve Re – Mukta

Bliss Like Gold (EP) – Six Degrees Records

Harri Kakoulli Presents Hotel Marrakesh (Treble album) – Crazy Diamond Records

Fear To Pray (Album) – Lad Records

Dancing With Angels (Double album) – Lad Records

Aghabi Mu (EP) – Lad Records

Only Demons Cry Vol 1 – (Album) – Lad Records

The Pleasure Curse (Album) – Lad Records

Heaven Within (Album) – Lad Records

Forbidden Kiss (Album) – Lad Records

Only Demons Cry Vol 2 – (Album) – Lad Records

Escape From Fantasy Vol 1 – (Album) – Lad Records

Escape From Fantasy Vol 2 – (Album) – Lad Records

The Eye Of My Soul – (Album) – Lad Records

1974 – (Album) – Lad Records

Lions From Paradise – (Album) – Lad Records

The Secret Garden – (EP) – Lad Records

Love So Divine – (Album) – Lad Records



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